Saturday, July 28, 2012


Yay!  I finally prepared a tutorial!  The twins (especially my Ellie Faye) LOVE these quilted ABC cards!  And they're super easy to make...

From double-sided fusible Peltex, cut squares that will accommodate your motif.

Here's the super sweet vintage inspired alphabet print I used.  (Hint:  Go to Lancaster, PA!)  Honestly, though, use what you can find.  You are certainly not limited to the alphabet.  These cards would be just as cute and practical made from a variety of novelty prints going for an "Eye Spy" kind of thing.

Trim around the letters and images, leaving ample room to ensure your Peltex squares will be completely covered.

Cut backing squares.

Sandwich together the ABC fabric, Peltex squares, and backing material.

Fuse the three layers together with a hot iron.

Trim any excess fabric so your cards conform to the size and shape of the Peltex squares.

Trim the corners of a spare Peltex square so they are curved.

Use the curved piece of Peltex to trace rounded corners onto the face of each ABC card.

Like so.

Trim the corners off of each ABC card.

Use a zig-zag stitch for the binding of each quilted card.

Bury the threads.

Like so.

And voila!  Alphabet fun for the wee ones!  I made three sets of these cards in total.  My twins received a set, of course, and the other two were gifted to another set of twins and trio of children.  Why not spread the love?


Jo James said...

Great idea!
This would be so fun to make as matching pairs and play Memory.

Mock Pie Studio said...

I made Cowboy Memory as a birthday present for a little boy using this technique. It was a couple posts ago if you want to check it out, Jo.