Saturday, July 21, 2012


Habits die hard.  Case in point.  People said,  "Paint.  Be loose.  Be yourself.  Be free!"  Instead, I picked up the smallest brush I could find and painted teensy, precise forms and patterns in monochrome. The intense concentration required for such an endeavor was incredibly soothing.  "Smoke on the Water".  A misty haze over the rolling, lapping, running river.  The swirls and eddys encompassing the life of and mapping the waterway.  This is the Susquehanna to me.

To get terribly cliche and deep (pun certainly intended), how like life.  Swirling, flowing, changing, yet constant.  Sometimes destructive, damaging to the core, changing structure, giving new form.  Consisting of intermingling parts.  Strong.  Steady.  An intriguing stream of consciousness. 

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