Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Wow, if you take away my severe nauseousness, I am productive! I laid out all the things we need to take to the hospital for the little ones. Even though it's corny, I picked out matching outfits, blankies, socks, etc. It pains me, but even I have to admit that it all looks really cute.

All packed and ready to go in the new diaper bag! By the way, this bag is MUCH smaller than it looks! Everything only just fit. is one of the finished mobiles. Actually, they are both finished and hanging from the ceiling in the master bedroom. (I'm not sure what the previous owner used them for, but there are two ceiling hooks in there.) Now the mobiles are just two more things my honey has to hang up in the nursery! Can't wait to break the news to him. I do feel bad for him as I think he's a little over worked these days. He's doing a great job, though!


team spongebob said...

ryan can handle it! your outfits are awesome! and those mobiles will look spectacular! well done momma! :D

Prim's by Kim said...

When are these little bundles due to arrive? So exciting!!!!

Mock Pie Studio said...

They're coming soon! We're hoping to hold out until July 3rd.