Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These curtains came out just beautifully! They are so sweet! I love them! The replacement glass and new pull knobs look great and the roller shades do the perfect job of keeping sunlight out for nap time.

The best part is that the curtains no longer get caught in the closet door when you open and close it...that was SO annoying. Needless to say, those old curtains are long gone via the yard sale! These work out to be the perfect length.

Don't think I've shown any pics of the funky new fan Ryan installed. It is so cool to look at AND it keeps you cool. It also goes great with the new carpet and furniture.

The best things come in pairs! Thanks to my wonderful family, we have matching high chairs! Ryan had the worst time putting the first one together since none of the pre-drilled holes were lined up, but the second chair was a breeze and they are looking fine! I especially love them because they are a perfect match to our dining room set.


team spongebob said...

absolutely love the curtains! and ryan, what a great guy! LOVE LOVE LOVE that fan too! what an awesome room these kiddos are gonna have! :D

Mock Pie Studio said...

thanks kj. coming over to see it in person? might as well wait until they arrive...it is really soon!!! yippee!!!