Sunday, November 2, 2008


Trick or Treaters encountered these white hand drawn, candle lit paper bags on our front walk.
These were along the side of the house...
"I'd turn back if I were you!"
This was the scene in the backyard...more candle lit bags and lots of hand painted Chinese lanterns!
Jack Skellington!

Spiderwebs, a black cat on a fence, and a headless horseman...spooky!

What's he looking at???

At the back door, there leaned a really old door and loud, spooky music was playing.
Earlier in the day, things looked pretty normal around the place.

Then the creepy crawlies started coming out!

There were cannibals everywhere!

People started getting sick!

This guy was a little punch drunk!

We started seeing things as the sun went down...nice reflection in the glass!

Look at that grin...Jack must have been in on it!

So I may have gotten a LITTLE carried away this Halloween, but it's such a fun time of year that I just can't help myself. And, you know, it isn't going to get any better...Christmas is coming!

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