Sunday, November 2, 2008


Here is the first of hopefully 10 art quilts that I will be donating to Collage Mania 2009. The quilts will be available for a donation to the American Cancer Society. May 5, 2009 will be Gold Donor Day and the pieces will be available for a minimum donation of $80. May 6- May 7, 2009 the pieces will be available for a minimum donation of $40. All money will be given to the American Cancer Society, so any contribution over the minimum would certainly be welcome. The organizers are hoping Collage Mania will raise at least $20,000.
This is also the first of what I anticipate to be 10 emotional creative experiences. It was created in memory of my grandfather, Merton Utter, who died from cancer not too long ago. Actually, it was nearly six years ago. It doesn't seem real, though. "Le jardin de l'amour" is as much a good-bye as it is a tribute to him. It is so hard to lose someone you love so much! Shortly after his death, I compiled a list of things I would miss terribly:

the camp

swimming in the lake


riding in the boat

those enormous orange life jackets

chicken slooow roasted

blueberry pancakes

fried zucchini

roasting marshmallow over the campfire

making floats out of logs and attaching flowers with mud, lighting candles on them, and pushing them out onto the lake at dusk

brown paper bags with lit candles and sand

the 4th of July picnics


happy lanterns

sizzling black snakes



the bikes that folded in half

the motor home

the garden rides in the lawn tractor


the potato gun

never winning Othello or that silly Atari game

Andes mint chocolates

blue shirts embroidered with "Mert"

tomato juice and celery

warm milk over green beans

his journal

his white Santa Claus beard

his big belly

his smile

the best and strongest hugs

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Jim said...

I think you got them all! Those were great times! When I was reading your list all the emotion came rushing back! The way I see it is we get to pass on great memories to our children and grand children. I am certainly going to tell Grace and Cooper about their Great Grandpa Utter : )