Sunday, November 2, 2008


I found these shots while going through some of my old portfolios on Halloween, no less. Interesting story...I took these photographs at a burned down house that was abandoned and wrapped up in police tape.

I wasn't about to let that get in the way of documenting this on film. Look at these first two shots...beautiful! Since the location was on a sort of back road, I just ignored the "do not cross" warnings and spent a few hours in the place...literally. It was the middle of winter and I brought my honey along for the company. We nearly froze our baguettes off!

It always perplexed me how this curtain ended nailed up OUTSIDE the window...

This photograph is haunting. With a loop, you can almost see a face dead center in the debris.

On the inside looking out. This place had a neighboring farm. There were the remains of a recently eaten lunch on a burned table in the corner room.

Rear exterior shot. Looks war torn.

So here's the interesting bit. Being from NY, I had no idea the local PA history of this place. I only felt the call to come and shoot. My now husband said to me as I was in this room with the chair, "Well, you know, two children died in this fire." My heart dropped. I was suddenly brought back to reality. This wasn't just a photo shoot. This had been someone's home. Someone's dream. Someone's life. How could I be here walking all over what was left of it? Then he said, "Just kidding." Not funny, right? Sadly, he and I are on the same page when it comes to our whacked sense of humor. However, the idea of the lost children never really left me. I created this digital image from one of the photos. That's my brother and me in the wall. Notice the "baba" nipples on the floor? I really had fun shooting an entire roll of film on nothing but rubber nipples. See? Twisted.

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