Friday, May 12, 2017


Welcome, welcome blog hoppers!  I'm so excited to have you join me here for a sneaky peek into my creative space!  Aside from inside my mind (and what a fine mind!), this is one of my favorite places to be.  Could it be bigger?  More organized?  More private when I need it to be?  Painted white?  Sure.  It COULD be a lot of things, but it is what it is.  How does the old adage go?  Do what you can where you are and with what you have.  And so I make do with my little niche at the front of the house.  At first, I promised it would just be a table for my machine.  I quickly invaded the entire space.  Let's get real, here.  I need my things around me and I need to work.  Without my art and the ability to express myself through it, my mind ain't quite as nice a place to be!

So I told Cheryl my studio was as neat as a pin and it truly was, but then I let it go for a couple of days.


What the heck went off in here?

Ahhh...that's right!  See those greedy man hands yanking on that beautiful uterus?!?  Yeah, that.  Right there in the middle of my design wall.  I was scrambling to finish "Political Power Grab" for entry into Threads of Resistance.  Naturally, tidiness took a back seat to creative expression.

I ought to put up police tape when it gets like this.

What the hell...?
Oh, yeah...that's my desk!

Have you seen enough messy mess???

Then bring on the neat and orderly!

Sew much better, eh?

Ready and waiting for the next creative endeavor to unfold!

My baby all tucked away and enjoying a much deserved rest.

My grandfather's hand built easel and a fresh canvas patiently awaiting the day I finally slap some oils on it.

The glorious stash!

This is actually the way into the rest of the house, but my design wall (white on one side, black on the other) fits neatly right in the opening.  When I am literally looking to block out reality, I place the wall like this and barricade myself in.

Normally, the design wall is slid in front of my stash like this.  It helps to keep my fabric dust free and also serves to hide it from the afternoon sun that comes in the huge picture window on the opposite wall.

Organized chaos.  Much better.

And that concludes our trip around the room!  Thanks for visiting Mock Pie Studio, folks! If you find yourself in Northeastern Pennsylvania June 3-4, 2017, stop in as I'll be hosting an open studio that weekend.  I'd say the studio is clean enough for visitors!  What do you think?!  If you can't make it in person, you can always stop into Mock Pie Studio's Etsy shop to score the goods, read the ramblings here on my blog and, of course, you'll always find me on Facebook.

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Sue Kaufman said...

I enjoyed this Sara!! So detailed and so you. I'm glad you showed your machine tucked nicely away because I was starting to wonder if you were an all-by-hand sewer and I'd just forgotten. Keep that creativity stoked and flaming!!

doni said...

I have the same trouble with my studio - my DH calls it "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!" When everything is neat and tidy - no creative work is going on! And it doesn't take much to make total chaos!! It's a fine line we like to dance along!! Tee-hee! Thanks for the tour. doni @ Oregon coast