Thursday, May 11, 2017


"Political Power Grab"

by Sara Mika/Mock Pie Studio © 2017  (26" x 23")

Textile painting, hand quilting, machine quilting, hand embroidery.

Muslin, cotton fabric, batik fabric (backing), cotton batting, textile paint, quilting thread, embroidery thread, beads, yarn

I made "Political Power Grab" as an entry for Threads of Resistance.  This exhibition of politically charged fiber pieces will first be seen at the New England Quilt Museum this July.  It will then travel to many other museums and quilt shows across the United States.  Fallopian tubes crossed that it's accepted! 

I once saw a political cartoon with a preppy white man perched on top of a uterus.  He was sarcastically saying, "Government should be small and unobtrusive so women don't feel it in their uteruses."

Since it actually feels anything but, I've depicted three greedy political man hands fighting tug of war style over a uterus.

In the background, I've illustrated what I'm coining #rankandfilepussies.

Men expect us to fall in line and personify their vision for OUR bodies?

Well, we proud pussies have news for them!  We truly ARE sewn together with threads of resistance.

Rank and file us and they'll soon find out that we not only have power in numbers...

...but that we bitches bite.

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Misty said...

Fantastic. Beautiful painting and beadwork. I hope your quilt is accepted!!