Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yep.  Life is just ducky.  April showers bring...puddles for ducks.  If it ever stops raining for more than a day, I won't know what to do!  I desperately need some sunshine in my life!  I've been feeling defeated lately.  My body has been on quite the roller coaster for some time now.  First there was constant nausea and sickness for nine months causing me to lose a ton of weight.  Then two PEOPLE came out of me, my hormones went berserk, my blood pressure skyrocketed, and I gained back way more weight than I lost.  Nice.  Add the stress of losing the routine of life as I had known it, being cooped up indoors, nursing to boot, and just keeping up with the munchkins in general and you have one crazy me.  But boo hoo.  I saw Waste Land on Independent Lens last night.  It's a documentary film about artist Vik Muniz and his photographic study of the garbage pickers of Rio de Janiero.  I have absolutely nothing to complain about.  I've never thought so, but I truly live like royalty compared to some.  So I'm a fat body.  I've got a nice, round, post-baby fat body.  But I could be thin and forced to eat garbage from the world's largest dump.  So let's put things in perspective. Spread sunshine all over the place and put on a happy face!

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