Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well, nearly 7 months have gone by since the birth of the twins and just look at them! I suppose I am partial, but they are BEAUTIFUL! Never did I think they would tug so at my heart. As much of a challenge as it has been thus far, I wouldn't trade either of them for anything...not even a long arm quilting machine! There is truly no comparison. I love them dearly! I will admit that when I have the occasion to be with only one of them, it's a piece 'o cake! Honestly, taking care of them both is getting to be much easier as well. I have said from day one that I wanted to establish a routine with them and we are settling into it nicely. I believe they will continue to thrive in an environment with a lot of constants. And the routine is not only for their sanity, but for mine! Yes, the only thing truly constant is change, but for what it is worth, I'll stick with what we have going here...it's a good thing. I adore being home with the twins. I often do much more during a day than I ever did when I was working outside the home. This is evidenced by the fact that I haven't updated this blog in months! Don't be fooled, however. I do manage to get out and have been taking on more challenges than I know what to do with and keeping very, very busy in my creative ventures. I will post some pictures of my recent activities soon. I am very fortunate to have a close few who help me care for the twins when I need them and, of course, Ryan is here to help in the evenings. I am very thankful for their help and support!

Here's my little cupcake, Finnie! Finn loves snuggling with Mommy. He loves the boob, his binky, bouncing, laughing, the blankie his Grammy made him, showing off his two front teeth and using them to bite down on the baby spoons, rolling over, playing with his toys, Sesame Street, his buddy Uncle Darren, and just chilling out.

My beautiful Faye Baby! She is certainly willful and has a mind of her own. She loves her bottle, her blankie, sucking her thumb, bedtime...when she snuggles with Daddy and he sings her "Baby Mine", staring at her Mommy, laughing, making raspberries, sucking her toes, swinging, Sesame Street, being spoiled by her Grammy, and being the center of attention.

Santa's Elves on their first Christmas morning! So stinkin' adorable! Christmas Eve 2009 we found out at the OB's office that we had TWO babies instead of one, and now here they are on Christmas Day 2010. Looking back, it went by in a flash! Everyone always says that, but only because it is so true! Almost as soon as they were born, I forgot all about the aches, pains and the illness associated with my pregnancy. But the real question is, am I ready for more?

I don't know...I think this picture says it all. There isn't room for anymore baby food in my cupboard!!!


Prim's by Kim said...

OMG-EEEEEEE! They are absolutely amazing! What a wonderful family you were blessed with xoxoxo

Ashton Beach said...

I wish we got to see those beautiful babies of yours more often, but it was so nice to see you yesterday, and thank you for all your advice and help!