Sunday, September 20, 2009


All my trials, Lord, soon be over! Tomato drama this year! Last season, they were taking over and this time around my two plants are just breaking a foot each and I have a total of 3 toms....1 red, 2 green. Pathetic! So I obtained a bucket full from another garden. The whole idea was to make and freeze spaghetti sauce. Well, I only had them three days and they rotted...putrid juice was all over my counter! Yuck! The resilient creature I am, I went and bought a ton at the grocery store. I had them overnight and when I opened them to make my sauce, several were moldy and rotting. OMG! In the end, I did salvage enough to arrange them (along with my beautiful peppers, onions, and garlic from the Bloomsburg Farmer's Market) into this lovely still life...and then cooked them into several batches of spaghetti sauce. All is well that ends well, but what a fiasco!

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