Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Farmer Gram must be proud as a peacock! The first morning glory has bloomed! It's so beautiful. A requirement for my new yard was a bounty of morning glories on a wagon wheel just like Gram had at the farm. Mine are currently growing up lattice, but they are just perfect. The center is the purest snow white. Heavenly! The white and violet striping on the underside is simply mesmerizing.
These lovely pink pretties came from nowhere. They have a very tropical flavor about them. I'd like to pluck one and tuck it behind my the hula in the backyard. Tempting, but I'd probably be committed.

The sunflowers are beginning to peek out of their leafy cocoons! Hurry, hurry! I'm getting antsy! And I know the sunshine can't wait to kiss your pretty petals!

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Jim said...

These remind me of the flowers just off Farmer Gram's porch. Sweet site you have!