Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Some of the pics in this grouping are a tad blurry.  I'll contribute it to my having been ill equipped for nighttime photography in combination with pure exhaustion.  This installation was an effort in downtown Bloomsburg, PA that started the evening of June 1, 2017 (with the help of Dorene Meaders!) and went late into the VERY early morning hours of June 2'nd!  Zzzz...

So this is what some of the bombs looked like as they were being carted around town.  Not too incognito, but I was hardly noticed.

The biggest question I get from people after they've seen my installations is, "Why?"  As far as I'm concerned, if it makes people take a second look and think about it even for a second ("She must have been MAD!"), then I've accomplished my mission.  What IS the purpose?  IS there purpose or it is just trash?  Maybe to some and so be it.  It involves about two year's worth of effort on my part, and by leaving the work in public spaces, I give up complete control over what happens to it.  Is it even seen in the first place?  Is it wondered about?  Is it understood?  Enjoyed?  Praised?  Left to be ravaged by the elements? Torn down?  Stolen?  Thrown away?  Those are roles viewers will either fulfill or not.  Whatever their choice, they have participated in the existence of the effort.

Speaking of trash, the bottom fringy pink/yellow/white bit here is crocheted from used plastic shopping bags.

An installation that gives people the literal opportunity to walk all over me.

No one said a word to me the whole time I was installing work except David Reilly at WHLM.  he was working late at the station and came out to ask what I was up to.  He had seen the installations at Town Park and asked, "Is it for cancer awareness?"  My reply was, "It's art, man!  For the love of the sport!"

I adore this open weave look on the tree outside of Wagner's Trophies.

That dot to the upper left is the moon.

Not only were trees wrapped, but oodles (and I mean OODLES!) of weavings were left hanging from branches, etc.  There were so many I didn't even photograph them all.  See that wrapping on the tree trunk?  It was done by Juliet Doucette-Renner and left during a yarn bomb that we did TWO years ago!

A teeny one for a newly planted tree...

A low-hanging branch...

...with a view of the town's fountain.

On my way back through, I noticed how quickly a spider had moved in on my homemade web!

A wee bit wooly...

I left several rock weavings here...

...and there!
They are SURE to have left at least one person scratching their head!

The Columbia County Court House.

One of three weavings that were STILL in the court house square from the yarn bomb two years ago!

The second weaving that was still up!

The third remaining weaving is shown here in the foreground, with a new installation in the background!

The artmobile ready to take off after a long night.
Enjoy, world!

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