Monday, March 13, 2017


I started with a strip of tie-dyed material I created last summer.

I cut three snowflakes from freezer paper and ironed them onto the material.

With fabric paint, I added a bit of texture across the entire surface with white, then stamped white dots and red rings.  When I peeled the freezer paper snowflakes off, their shapes remained in the original dark purple from the dye job.

After compiling a top-batting-backing "sandwich", I laid a strip of purple sparkle netting on top of the snowflakes.  I free motion quilted around the outline of each snowflake, then carefully trimmed the excess purple netting away to reveal delicate, shimmery snowflakes.

I replicated the same process but with red sparkle netting over SOME of the red dots.

The edges were bound with yarn, zig-zag machine stitched and then hand whip-stitched with embroidery thread.  You can see along the right hand edge, that I experimented with a bit of machine quilting.  I did one line with white thread interrupted with swirly dots here and there.  I wasn't crazy about it and proceeded to complete the piece with hand work.

Each snowflake was embellished with extensive hand embroidery.

White French knots were centered on each white dot.

Think it's done?  Nawww...more is more!
Stay tuned!

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