Friday, March 31, 2017


 Phew...So here we are:  Day 90!  I haven't stitched EVERY day of 2017, but most.  Well, that's not accurate.  I absolutely DO stitch each and every day, it's just that I haven't been stitching THIS particular piece every day, non-stop.  It's good to take breaks and switch gears a bit.  I never want what I'm doing to become stale and boring.  I'm so incredibly motivated to work that, never fear, I WILL FINISH this piece.  I've had plenty of other projects going concurrently, as per my norm.  Never a dull moment.

 It crossed my mind that y'all might be interested to see where this Teddy came from.  These pics aren't the inspiration behind my piece, but I did use them to make the initial sketch.  That was in late December 2016 and I haven't looked at them again until just now.
Wondering what the next element in this composition will be...

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