Monday, March 18, 2013


CAUTION:  Installation in progress!
Yarn donations!  Thank you contributors!!!  We truly could not do this without your help.  Hey, do any of you want to wrap branches???

Leighnah did!  Thank you, thank you, Leighnah!
My partner in creativity, Linda Doucette.  She is mad talented in the fiber arts and is just an all around great woman.  I'm so glad she has agreed to show with me!  Visit her at Shades of Nature.
Wrappy happy!
Note the sizeable pile of branches off to the left just waiting to be manipulated...
And what beautiful branches!  Many thanks to the friend who cut down these gorgeous Curly Willow branches in the name of art.  You're the best!
Want to see the end result?  Be sure to attend the "Fiber and Fairytales" opening reception at Artspace Gallery on April 13th!

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