Friday, January 11, 2013


 The wee ones on my list, including the twins, got these adorable little troll pillows this last Christmas.  Pockets on the front hold lost teeth for the Tooth Fairy! 
Happy scrappy!
 I randomly pieced scraps together until the units were big enough to accommodate the freehand patterns I created.  These make up the back of the trolls and the front sides of the pockets.  They were then paired with more or less matching fabrics for the reverse sides.
The pockets were created and attached to the fabrics for the front side of the trolls.  I lined the top of  the pockets with funky, dimensional teeth.
I placed the fronts and backs right sides together, stitched the seams leaving a small opening, turned and stuffed them, then stitched the openings closed. 
I added button eyes.....
...and did a little hand stitching around them.  I also stitched hand dyed yarn to the seams.  Voila!  All ready for the Tooth Fairy!

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