Thursday, December 20, 2012


This time three years ago, I was about to find out I was twin prego.  This was me the day before delivering them.  Wow!  If you know me, you know that my breasts are, well, enormous and the fact that they look small in this picture tells you something about the size of my midsection at the end of my pregnancy.  Warning:  Sex makes babies...sometimes in multiples!  I'm still amazed that two people came out of me. It's absolutely fascinating and I never tire of contemplating the reproductive cycle.  For me, the bit at the start was a lot of fun, of course.  The actual gestating?  Not so much.  Endless nausea, vomiting, and ultimately bed rest were the name of the game.  I was just a dual human incubator at the mercy of my developing offspring.
But look at my babes!  Oh my goodness...were they ever that tiny?  This picture was taken when they were one week old.  They didn't fit into those preemie outfits for very long!  I must admit that I thought the whole baby stage would last a lot longer than it actually did.  I guess it's a good thing I have photos that captured those fleeting moments.  But just because it didn't last very long, doesn't necessarily mean that I wish it had.  I've been asked what stage I've love them in best, and it always seems to be wherever they are at present.  Things don't ever really seem to be getting easier, it's just that there's always something new they're going through and I wouldn't change they way are now in order to do anything over.  Honest.
Me these days.  Tiger stripes and all.

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