Sunday, January 1, 2012


This is just the inspiration I need to embark on the next 365 days!  I am not one for making resolutions and I am certainly not one for sticking to them, but I shouldn't have too much trouble committing to what I love:  living the creative life.  I often feel pretty guilty about it.  But the more I think about it, I'm pretty sure I've been made to feel guilty about it.  Here is just a sampling of what I've heard regarding my creative endeavors, especially since the twins were born in 2010:

"Your art is not a job, it's a hobby."

"Your art doesn't pay the bills."

"You don't work at the gallery, you are a volunteer because they don't pay you."

"You are neglecting your children."

"You don't make your children a priority."

"You are ignoring your family."

"You spend too much time at art meetings, art functions, gallery receptions, art shows, etc."

"You are not doing any shows this year."
(Excuse me???)

"You always have something going on."

"You just do too much."

I can't imagine I'm the only creative soul facing such adversity, but sometimes it feels like I'm way out there all on my lonesome.  Existential Blues, I guess.  Which brings me 'round to my original thought:  Let what you love be what you do.  In 2012, I'll continue to pursue the creative life with gusto.  To hell with all the rest!  


kristylea said...

Love you lots sara! You are a great mom!

Blackbird said...

Ive been meaning to respond to this since you put it up.

People will habitually try to knock the light right out of you, god forbid your light shines on their darkness and makes a person all that much more aware of what they should/want to/wish/are too afraid to be doing.

Your work (whether with your children, or your own art) is excellent, creative, clever and filled to the brim with your wonderful sense of humor. It's a blessing for every person who comes in contact with it and I can only hope that it will catch on and spread to many.

Keep shining lady! ...but you already know to keep that up. :)