Sunday, October 30, 2011


This year's Halloween tree!  There are a couple of new ornies on there this time around.  I opted for a smaller tree that I could sit up in the window away from the twins, so there wasn't room for all the stuff I usually stick on.  However, it still looks seasonably appropriate!

I never have figured out whether those white creatures are snowmen or ghouls.  I've had them out for the Christmas holidays before, but they always seemed a little out of place, almost as if they had missed out on the fall festivities.   Either way, we had a snowstorm this Halloween weekend, so they are quite appropriate just now.  They look right at home under the tree.  The big Halloween parade is tonight.  My favorite bit is when the steam calliope goes by.  I hope it doesn't scare my little munchkins!

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weinreichs79 said...

They remind me of Nightmare Before Christmas! I say out them out for both!