Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I need a garden gnome.  Tacky?  Probably.  But magical and mysterious too!  Until I manage to lure one into the garden, I'm stitching one.  Here's part of my sketch for your viewing pleasure.

Spacious flower and vegetable gardens are weeded and move-in ready.  Blooming flowers and shrubs provide shade and privacy.  Plenty of leisure activities:  Nibble on sunflower seeds and rhubarb (although I'd sprinkle on a bit of sugar first), pick tomatoes, even bird watch.  Like to get your hands dirty?  Pick weeds as they grow.  Lonely?  Strike up a meaningful friendship with one of the several squirrels and rabbits already in residence.  Not an animal lover?  There's plenty of room to establish your own mushroom patch.  Still bored?  Come indoors and learn how to quilt. 

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