Thursday, May 5, 2011


Finally getting back to this UFO...aka an unfinished object.  I started it more than a year ago, but then I got twin prego and (brace yourself) didn't even have the energy to sit at the sewing machine!  That part was terrible.  I was either stuck on the couch or in bed and couldn't be physically creative.  It was rough.  What energy I did have was expended making baby quilts and curtains and toys.  Even then, I did a lot of the work by hand and was stitching in bed.  A die-hard for sure!  The piece was intended to mark our fifth wedding anniversary, so instead it will mark our sixth...or perhaps seventh!  I'm plugging away at it, but there's a big, bright, beautiful world out there and UFO sightings aren't all that uncommon.

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