Friday, April 15, 2011


This piece is titled "Orange Peel" and makes repeating diamond shapes when the blocks are placed together.  I did quite a bit of hand embellishing  on this diamond just left of center.

The finished piece is mounted to canvas and can therefore be hung from the wire with a single nail.

Here I saw the kind of diamonds that you can frost yourself with!  Where these smaller blocks meet, an interesting star pattern results.

The piece is called "Three Stone Diamond".  While I love my engagement ring (a millennium diamond ring), I would adore a three stone diamond ring!  I have left several blunt hints, but have yet to receive one.  I'll keep trying!

Here are the quilts hanging at The Northumberland County Career & Arts Center Fine Art Gallery in Shamokin, PA.  The show will be up through May 13, 2011.  I love how one of my pieces is hanging between an interpretation of The Mona Lisa and a self portrait of Shene Woodley that I think looks just like Yoko Ono!

Here are the twins rockin' out the gallery scene.  Art Appreciation 101.

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