Monday, February 28, 2011


From an article by Bari Nan Cohen that I recently read in American Baby, here are some benefits to being a new mommy:

1. You've Got an Adoring Fan
2. You Belong Somewhere
3. You'll Make New Friends
4. Your Heart Opens Wider Than You Ever Thought Possible.
Suddenly, the inconsolable baby crying next to you on a flight gets your empathy instead of your ire. Mothering gives you the ability to step into other parent's shoes, and you appreciate the giant job they undertake with their own kids. It's no wonder that any parent's tragedy (or triumph) strikes a chord and makes you a blubbering mess. Movies with plotlines centering on missing children are now unwatchable. Human-interest stories on the news break your heart. If you're already a cry-at-the-card-commercial kind of gal, motherhood is the perfect hook on which to hang your "I'm a softy" hat. How does this make your life better? It's hard to be jaded or self-centered once you're a mom. You gain much-needed perspective, your compassionate side blossoms, and in many ways, you finally grow up. It's a beautiful thing.
5. You Get Things Done
6. Your Body Is Awesome
7. You Know What Matters
8. You Cut Yourself Some Slack
9. You've Built a Family of Your Own

I'm unsure why there were only 9 things listed in the article. I think life is even BETTER with twins and here are 10 reasons why:

1. One baby for Mommy. One baby for Daddy.
In other words, it's easier to share them.
2. Everyone is a little bit nicer when you have twins with you.
Well, almost everyone. I'm not sure about those people who don't yield to you in the crosswalks when you're pushing a double stroller!
3. It brings extended family and friends closer together.
You realize how truly generous people are.
4. You feel like a superhero.
Nursing x's two (it's truly an art), diapers x's 2, feeding x's 2, laundry x's 2, etc., etc., etc.
5. You truly cherish your "free" time.
Wait. What is "free" time?
6. You get a second and a third chance to enjoy the world for the first time!
And it's so much sweeter the next go 'round!
7. You get to do all kinds of things people would call you "weird" for if you did them without babies!
Can you say Sesame Street marathon?
8. The joy of watching them interact.
At least until they get to the "he took my toy!" and "she pulled my hair!" stage.
9. They keep life very interesting.
Did that REALLY come out of you???
10. You are more giving of yourself than you ever thought you could be.
And you love every second of it!

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