Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The twins are seven months old today. It's funny that my life is now a series of things that happen "this many weeks" or "this many months" since delivering. My life is organized by their age and accomplishments. It is about them. My husband jokes that I am no longer "his wife", but "their mother". I suppose their is truth to that. I found the following written about motherhood. There is a lot of truth to it as well.

"Isn't it strange how we elevate careers and lower homemaking to the commonplace? Think how many skills a mother must possess to carry out her duties. She must know something about teaching, interior decorating, cooking, dietetics, psychology, hygiene, social relations, clothing, household equipment, and a host of other things.

Still, if a woman teaches someone else's children she is given professional status - a teacher. But if she teaches her own children, she is just a mother. If she does interior decorating she is a career woman; if she decorates her own home, she is just a homemaker. If she takes care of others, she's a nurse; but if she nurses her own children, she's just "mom" doing her job.

Yes, motherhood demands the skills of many and, unfortunately, receives the recognition of few." -Leslie B. Flynn

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