Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hallelujah! Brand new carpet for our (soon to be) brand new babies!!! We love how it came out. Here are several before and afters to give you an idea of the improvements that have been made!

Kudos to my sweetheart for all the prepping and painting he has done. Thanks to him, you have no idea of the horror that was actually in the hallway and stairway....the UGLIEST wallpaper and carpet known to man! Yes, we did simply (although I say that from my vantage point FAR from the project) paint over the wallpaper and the ceiling, but the alternative was removing horsehair plaster and neither of us wanted any part of that project! I love that our place has a ton of vintage charm...nothing is "perfect" as it would be in a new house and I am A-OK with that. It has a ton of character and I love it!

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team spongebob said...

i LOVE the carpet! and those baby quilts look very very cool! you're going to have so much fun in that room! love ya!