Monday, April 19, 2010


Here is the spring view of my sun porch. Love the blooming flowers and the light streaming in from the windows. It is so relaxing to sit here and watch the day go by. Not that I have that many opportunities to do so, but I take advantage of the times when I can! The sweet wagon was part of the center piece at Chloe's baby shower a while back. She had twins too...a boy and a girl! It's funny to realize I am now in her shoes! Oh, and a baby shower is coming up this weekend! So excited!

Here is a sneak peak at another baby project. Have to show you abstract images because these are little quilts with the baby names on them! Those names are TOP SECRET until the official blast off in July! We have to have some surprises for the if twins weren't enough of a surprise, right? I made a little quilt for each letter of their names and will be mounting them to large canvas and hanging the contraptions over their cribs. Originally I wanted to get the more traditional wooden letters, but soon realized that for the price, I could make something much more unique and straight from Mommy's heart!

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