Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yippee! I'm gutting the studio! Bye-bye baby blue. Hello dream space!
After clearing most of the room, I pushed the rest, including my work table and desk, to the center. You may be wondering...where is all the "stuff"???

AAAHHHHH!!! Good grief, Charlie Brown!

It's all in the spare room which is the other space in the house yet to be tackled. I think (I hope) it looks worse than it is. There's a fabric layer a foot and a half deep across most of the bed. It's all folded neatly and organized by color so there is a method to the madness. But, wow!

Can you believe most of this came out of the closet? Hmmm....anyone want to buy a painting?

A little plastic goes a long way...the studio almost looks organized again.

All taped up with no where to go...except bye-bye!

Primed...for the finish line! I can't wait!

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