Sunday, August 10, 2008


Happy 2'nd Birthday, Gracie!!! How time flies. Seems like just the other day I snapped this pic of you as a newborn. I believe you were only 5 days old! So baby holding a baby. Now there's a sight! In honor of your big day, here are some happy flowers from Aunt Sara's yard...
I adore the sunshine as it streams through the petals!

I like to think my yard is single-handedly to thank for sustaining the honey bee population. Kidding...

These are so far over my head! This is the closest I could get without kicking in the zoom.

Things to come. The tallest Mammoth Russians have yet to bloom. They will be monsters!

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Jim said...

Gracie says thank you and she loves her Aunt Sara! Sweet flowers, you must have quite the green thumb.